Digital Marketing Optimization

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Internet Marketing Consultancy

We provide a digital marketing portfolio that is connected to powerful technologies and passionate people. An optimal performance of your marketing objective is our mission. We work to provide a delightful experience with successful results thus we provide a report generated to measure campaign performance data. Schedule an appointment with our consultation team to discover a unique marketing opportunity.

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Digital Marketing Consultancy … A.M.C.

Advantage Marketing Consultancy

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn how we can provide essential information. 


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Our story

From Google AdWords  to Facebook and other advertiser platforms, digital marketing optimization is essential. Marketing teams of all shapes and sizes struggle to produce positive results within these platforms related to various reasons. A great question at hand is longevity. The algorithms created by Google and Facebook are complex and they measure a wide a range of metrics to establish such things as quality score, landing page relevancy, and ad ranking. In addition there are campaign development variables that become crucial to marketing objectives and budget goals. To gain a positive campaign performance on these platforms consult with us today.  

When you need a team of certified marketing experts on your side to help you navigate the world of advertising, we are here to do all of the heavy lifting. Our digital guru’s spend their days researching keyword availability and viability. From ad copyright and website enhancement to promotional product design and print, we provide solutions to find new customers. Our methods for engaging potential clients with brand immersion are unique to our system of acquisition. When you need to understand the interconnectedness of keywords and campaign performance to produce a positive return on investment and maximize budget results. Schedule an appointment with our team to review your options.

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Digital Marketing Products And Services

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Ursus Americana

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Our Services

We offer a variety of services to our clients.  

SEO Network

We help increase website rank for 10 keywords with onsite and offsite SEO.

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Website Builder

Build a website with an integrated blog and eCommerce capabilities.

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Social Marketing

We help by giving your business one place to stay social.

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Online Marketing

The most comprehensive business listing solution for local businesses.

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Content Marketing

12 customized blog posts, quickly delivered right to you.

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Our solution targets the right people in the right places at the right time.

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Digital Marketing Consulting
with limitless potential

From website design and social media management to strategic planning and market research,
we provide digital marketing product and services.

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Worlds of innovation

Digital marketing and advertising optimization. Helping business owners conquer complexities to maximize advertising budget. 

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Time is money

Does your business need a marketing agency? Consult with us today!

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Location is everything

Apply for our FREE Snapshot report to review your online listing. Make it easier for potential customers to find your location. 

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custom t-shirts


From brand selections such as Bella, Fruit of the Loom and Gildan we provide our clients with the best garment option available. Our quality assurance teams have an acute eye for detail and will scrutinize every garment with precision inspection before it arrives at your destination. 

Graphic Design

While we can’t reveal all of our methods for graphic design, we are proud to admit our passion for illustrator and photoshop as well as other software platforms that allow us to ensure a successful image and a delighted client.


When you recognize your product need but lack the knowledge to produce it from concept to tangible item, our team is available to answer questions and to create product mock ups for your review. 


The team is a collection of inbound marketing professionals, graphic design artists, and experienced garment production personnel. We take great pride in our capacity to provide you with an optimized product based on your original idea.


We believe that custom garments designed by you and produced by us make’s for an extraordinary team. We look forward to collaborating with you on custom t-shirts. 

My Journey to Graphic Designer


My Journey to Graphic Designer

My journey to graphic designer actually begin as a musician. Passion for music and art led me to applying for work at a local music studio. My objective was to gain exposure to the studio recording industry to become knowledgeable about recording and mixing processes. Ultimately it was my desire to produce a CD of my original music. It was during this time that I discovered that I would have a need for a CD cover designer. I had grande idea’s for a CD cover image but I lacked the digital artistry skills to create the cover I envisioned for my first recording. I paid a graphic designer six hundred dollars to produce a culturally based image with some specific details in mind. The description and the payment went accordingly, unfortunately the image that resulted from this transaction did not make it to production. This occurrence put a significant dent in my project budget in addition to extending the project completion date. Driven by passion and desire I forged onward to research available CD cover design software. I was able to procure software and proceeded to enroll in certificate programs for digital design and photoshop. Between classrooms and self-teaching my journey to graphic design gradually introduced me to the mediums of photography and videography. Once again I found myself in the classroom exploring techniques for photography and working on short film projects with fellow enthusiasts. In the sphere of digital design and art the trajectory of your passion can lead you to extremely fulfilling experiences and in some cases, to a professional appointment as an in-house designer. There are definitely lucrative jobs within the industry, it all depend’s on individual goals. I am Tela Jones, thank you for taking the time read my journey to graphic designer.

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