My Journey to Graphic Designer


My Journey to Graphic Designer

My journey to graphic designer actually begin as a musician. Passion for music and art led me to applying for work at a local music studio. My objective was to gain exposure to the studio recording industry to become knowledgeable about recording and mixing processes. Ultimately it was my desire to produce a CD of my original music. It was during this time that I discovered that I would have a need for a CD cover designer. I had grande idea’s for a CD cover image but I lacked the digital artistry skills to create the cover I envisioned for my first recording. I paid a graphic designer six hundred dollars to produce a culturally based image with some specific details in mind. The description and the payment went accordingly, unfortunately the image that resulted from this transaction did not make it to production. This occurrence put a significant dent in my project budget in addition to extending the project completion date. Driven by passion and desire I forged onward to research available CD cover design software. I was able to procure software and proceeded to enroll in certificate programs for digital design and photoshop. Between classrooms and self-teaching my journey to graphic design gradually introduced me to the mediums of photography and videography. Once again I found myself in the classroom exploring techniques for photography and working on short film projects with fellow enthusiasts. In the sphere of digital design and art the trajectory of your passion can lead you to extremely fulfilling experiences and in some cases, to a professional appointment as an in-house designer. There are definitely lucrative jobs within the industry, it all depend’s on individual goals. I am Tela Jones, thank you for taking the time read my journey to graphic designer.

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