Why your business online information matters


Ted’s family pizza journey

Ted and his family are deciding on what to have for dinner. Ted decides to suggest a local pizza restaurant he has visited over the years. He remember’s the excellent service and the ultra fresh buffet loaded with hot pizza and gourmet salad combinations. In response to his idea, the family begins a chaotic protest of why they shouldn’t eat at this particular restaurant. Deciding to investigate further he proceeds to go online and finds negative reviews that have no response. As he peruses the reviews he finds the negative ones out number the positive reviews. The online reviews alone sway his decision to have family dinner at a competitor restaurant.

Online Business Reputation

Online business reputation management is just another component of small and medium business operations that require attention. Most owner’s of small to medium business operations are too immersed in the daily function associated with sales acquisition. Lack of attention to this detail can significantly alter the trajectory of the business. One slight misstep in customer service response can lead to a cascading conversation of negativity about your product or service. In turn, this can affect the bottom line objectives for the company at large.

The essential question

Are you a business owner in need of assistance with online reputation development?

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